You make the park

Expo 2015


     Outdoor Furniture

     Terracotta · Wood · Cork

What comes from the Earth returns to the Earth. Starting from this principle, the Fabrica design team accepted the invitation to take part in Expo 2015’s core debate with You Make the Park, an outdoor furnishing range of about 60 articles – benches, tables, stools and daybeds – that are set in a public park from June to October 2015 on the Expo fair ground.

The furniture is made of cork, Galestro terracotta and wood, 100% recyclable, natural materials. The articles are easily disassembled since no glue is used in their construction. Their design is clean and simple, but with a special eye for detail in order to offer Expo visitors a comfortable and welcoming experience as they enjoy the furniture for relaxing, chatting or socializing in the open air.

     Project with Fabrica design team
     Images by Marco Furio Magliani · Fabrica